Zee Avi


Zee Avi is a Malaysian singer-songwriter, guitarist, ukulele player and visual artist. Born in Sarawak, she moved to Kuala Lumpur at the age of 12 and later on spent her college years in London at the American InterContinental University where she studied Fashion Design.

To date, Zee Avi has released two albums and an EP. Her debut album was certified Gold in four countries. Her second album, ‘Ghostbird’, was featured in Starbucks across America making her the first Malaysian artiste to be included in such a global campaign. Both her albums earned her accolades and praise in the press with reviews. She’s been featured in Teen Vogue, Esquire, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly and Paste to name a few.

Zee Avi has extensively toured around the world playing headline shows as well as at several popular music festivals including Borneo’s Rainforest World Music Festival, Australia’s Byron Bay Festival, and Mountain Jam in New York.