Denis Chang


Inspired by the music of French Gypsy guitarist, Django Reinhardt, Taiwanese-Canadian guitarist, Denis Chang spent his formative years alongside the Gypsies of France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany where he learned to play and appreciate Gypsy Jazz. There, he also learned and understood the Romany way of life – an interesting culture to be immersed in. As a gadje (non-Gypsy), he eventually took up the language, so he could sing and perform the songs in its full authenticity.


Over the years, he has been invited to worked and perform with some of the legendary Gypsy Jazz musicians around including legendary Gypsy guitarist, Dorado Schmitt (one of the stars in Tony Gatlif’s film, ‘Latcho Drom’) – who at the end of his US tour, had gifted Denis the guitar he used for the entire tour.